Insane 8-Week Keto Transformation

A naked man spiraling into dietary insanity documents his changing body in an ever-growing derelict building.

Shot over the course of a year in abandoned buildings, Insane 8-Week Keto Transformation explores perceptions of self, and perseverance against self-destruction, all through the lens of a DS camera. I started making this film because I wanted to get in shape. I don’t know exactly how that manifested as getting naked in an abandoned building and recording myself screaming about the keto diet, but it did, and as it went on I discovered a narrative that I wanted to explore. As my body grew, my ideas for the film grew along with it. The end result is an insane romp through a part of my mind that I had no way of showing through any other means. This is a love letter to myself and anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable in their own skin.